About Our Business

With our eyes set to the Light; our travels are in assurance and peace only found in the one who goes before us.  In comfort, we can rest for the provision is adequate for the journey. 
In safety and comfort; our journey whether short or long is in capable hands.  It is within these hands we trust our assurance is not misled and our destination is reached; for our journey is still at the beginning and a new day is ahead. 

Mission Statement:
To provide quality transport which incorporates true value to our customers; all while maintaining a focus on efficient vehicles and driving manner as to limit our environmental impact.
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Our Team
Stephen Appleton
Stephen Appleton

Director Stephen is the founder and business director of Divine Travel and Tours NZ. He has a passion for adventure, travel and working with people from all over. His drive is to treat everyone with the highest of value and provide them with a great service 'ideally with a smile'.

Amanda Appleton
Amanda Appleton

Administration Support Amanda is always keen for some adventure and giving new things a try. Assisting in the office and driving on busy days Amanda is a key part in the daily function of our business.

Divine Travel and Tours NZ is the parent company for Adventure and Cultural Tours Bay of Plenty.   For any predesigned Adventure Tours please visit our website www.adventuretoursbop.co.nz  or contact us directly.